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Who Is Calling Me?

When You Want To Know Who Is Calling Me?When you want to know who is calling me when a person is ringing you on the phone, there are various ways to do that and, in many cases, it depends upon your geographic location. If you have a phone that has caller ID, you can find out who has called you right away, when the person is calling. If your phone has a memory for recent calls, you can find out who is calling me by checking your phone’s memory to see who is calling me after the call has been placed and the person has hung up.

Sometimes the person comes up “out of area” or “name unavailable” and knowing who is calling me isn’t as easy as looking on the phone screen. You need to use last call return—a feature of telephones that has been in place for the last fifteen years or so. It is also called “Call Return” and is a feature of the telephone provider that lets the called person know the time and phone number of the last call the telephone has received. In some cases, the telephone service allows you to know who is calling me and allows you to call that person back without redialing the phone.

You need to push *69 in order to know who is calling me. You can do it any time the last call has been placed. In some cases, the call is blocked and you are unable to get the last call dialed.    On rotary phones, you need to select 1169 or 1166 depending on your market. In other markets, you need to dial “to star 69” spelled out exactly that way.

The service to do this particular maneuver used to be free but, as of August 2004, there is a charge incurred when you want to know who is calling me using this method. The fee isn’t much if you really want to know who is calling me. Have you ever wondered and had to deal with this? Let me know your thoughts at ATULARVIND.

In many areas, a person who is doing the calling can block their phone from being picked up through the call return system. This means that, if you push *67 when placing the call, the person who pushes *69, you won’t get an answer as to who is calling me. You will remain anonymous, barring any interaction with the police, such as if you are stalking or harassing the individual.

You can also make your phone number visible if it has been otherwise permanently blocked by pushing *82. This would be appropriate if you want the other person to know who it is who is calling, such as when the other person doesn’t ever pick up anonymous calls.  You need to trust the person not to divulge your name and number to other sources, however.

Knowing who is calling me can be anything from curiosity to a critical thing. You might be dealing with a police or medical issue that seriously needs divulging of the source of the caller.

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