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Find a Person by Phone Number?

How to Find a Person by Phone Number?Perhaps you have a phone number from someone but they didn’t give you their name and you want to find a person by phone number alone? Is it possible or does it take too much effort? Actually, it is quite possible to find a person by phone number and, depending on the service you use, you can find a great deal more than just their name.

Let’s say you have a landline number of a person and you want to find out who they are. Maybe they gave you their number at a bar or club and you just don’t remember the name of the person. You simply have to find a reverse lookup phone book at your local library or at the phone company and you can find a person by phone number using their reverse lookup procedures.  The books are laid out so you can find the number first and then get the name and address of the individual who belongs to the number. It’s free and it’s relatively easy to do.

It’s not so easy to find a person by phone number if they gave you their cellular number. There are no phone books or listings for cell phones because there are so many different phone companies to choose from.  What you need to do is find one of the mega-sites on the internet that allow you to find a person by phone number even if the phone number is a cellular phone number.

What the sites have done is to compile information from all sorts of sources, including cell phone company data and all you have to do is put the number in to find a person by phone number. The downside is that such sites aren’t free and you need to subscribe to a year’s subscription in order to find the person you’re looking for. The upside is that some of these sites will give you a great deal more information, such as a background check, their address, a map to their home and their age. This may be more than what you were looking for but it may be nice to have that extra information.

There are a few sites that will just ask for a single fee in order to find a person by phone number and won’t ask for a long subscription time. Check with a site that lists all of the different sites you can use to find a person by phone number, whether or not the phone number is a landline or a cell phone number. You may be able to find a site on there that just asks for a fee to get the person’s name and address but doesn’t ask for a year-long subscription.

Start with the phone company as it is a free service and you can often find a person by phone number if they have given you a listed land line. If you have been given a cell phone, however, you’ll need to do some sleuthing on the internet and be prepared to pay a fee for the information you seek.

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