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Find Address from a Telephone Number?

How To Find Address from a Telephone Number?Sometimes, at a club or bar, someone gives you their phone number but forgets to put their name or address on the napkin and you have forgotten the rest of the information by morning. Still, you want to call that person and you want to find address from a phone number. This isn’t difficult to do if you have been given a land line number.  You can find address from a phone number simply by getting a reverse lookup phone book from the phone company or your local library. You can go through the numbers in numerical order and then find the name and address from the number.

You can find address from a phone number much easier, though, by looking it up in a reverse phone number site on the internet, which gives the name, address and a map of the individual’s location. You can find address from a phone number using these sites and they won’t cost you anything.  The information is compiled from a number of phone companies all over the country and you can find just about any landline number that is listed in a phone book.

If you want to find address from a phone number and the number is a cell phone number, the process is a bit more difficult and more costly, too. They don’t make books for that sort of thing so if you need to find address from a phone number; you need to go to the internet. There are several internet sites that can find address from a phone number, even if it is a cell phone number. Don’t let the name fool you, however. There are no free cell phone reverse lookup sites on the internet. They always lead you to a subscription service where you are offered the chance to subscribe to the service for a year or purchase the address and name of the cell phone owner on a one-time basis.

The only time you can’t find an address from a phone number is if the land line number isn’t listed or if the cell phone is one of the no-contract phones that the person just buys and adds minutes to. These are untraceable, very cheap and used by teens and stalkers alike. You basically buy the phone, put minutes on it using a card and you have an untraceable phone.  Such a phone can only be triangulated as to location by police agencies who have access to powerful computers that can locate a phone geographically. You would only probably use this if the situation is a police matter, however.

In order to find an address from a phone number, you basically have three choices. You can use the reverse lookup book by the phone company for landline phones, you can use the computer for free lookup for landline phones that are not local, or you can use the cell phone lookup services of a paid company that will give you the name, address and other information on the individual with just the cell phone number.

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