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Match a Phone Number to a Person

When you want to match a Phone Number to a PersonThere are times when a number comes up on your caller ID and you really what to match a phone number to a person but you don’t just want to call the number back.  If the number is a land line, you can match a number to a person quite easily by getting a hold of a reverse phone number look up book from the phone company or from the local library. There, numbers are listed in numerical order and you can get the name and address of the individual very quickly.

If the phone number is a landline, you can use the above method and don’t need access to a computer. If you want to match a number to a person and that number is a cell phone number, it is more difficult to find the person you are looking for.  You can match a number to a person when the number is a landline using the computer and looking up one of several databases, including sites that list landline directories from phone books across the country. It doesn’t work on cell phones, though, and if you want to match a number to a person with a cell phone number, you need one of the paid databases on the internet.

For example, there are websites that will allow you to match a number to a person by subscribing to their service. You can pay for a single lookup for around $10 or for a year’s subscription so you can match a number to a person anytime over the course of a year for around $30.  There really aren’t any “free” cell phone lookup sites and you will have to pay for that information. The sites have gathered databases from all sorts of cell phone companies so your chances of being able to match a number to a person are quite high.

If the situation is a police matter—say, that the individual is stalking you or harassing you—don’t waste your time and money to match a number to a person. Let the police use their databases to find the person and prosecute them without you having to do anything more than to report the person to the police. If the police aren’t taking the matter seriously, however, you can go ahead and do the search on your own.
The only time you will run in to trouble in your ability to match a number to a person is if the person dials *67 when they call you. This effectively blocks their number to you so you have no idea who it is who is calling you. The police can get around that block if the person is really stalking or harassing you so that would be a good time to consider contacting the police and not taking matters into your own hand.

So basically, you have three options. You can match a number to a person by using the phone company reverse look up book, you can use the internet for landlines and cell phones or you can use the police, if the situation is a criminal one.

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