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Reverse Cell Phone Numbers

Information on Reverse Cell Phone NumbersIt’s quite easy to get a reverse phone number as long as you don’t want any reverse cell phone numbers. If you just have a land line number, all you need is a reverse phone book that lists the phone numbers in numerical order and the name and address of who owns that number. The phone books are available at the local library and at the phone company. If you’re looking for reverse cell phone numbers, however, this is a bigger problem that doesn’t involve just looking up a name and an address from a number.

In looking up reverse cell phone numbers, you need to have access to the internet. You can look on the Internet to find a site that has reverse cell phone numbers. There are sites that are sort of a clearinghouse for other sites that can provide you with the correct reverse cell phone numbers.

Virtually none of the reverse cell phone numbers sites is free. Some will have you pay a small one-time fee to get access to the name and usually the address of an individual who has that cell phone number. Most other reverse cell phone numbers sites ask you to come up with a subscription to their site—usually a one year subscription. The good news with that sort of deal is that sometimes you get more than just the name and number of the individual and can get background checks and dates of birth as well. What these sites do is collect a number of databases from cell phone companies and databases from legal sources and combine them into one big site that gives you a great deal of information about the person.

Reverse cell phone numbers sites can only give you the information if the cell phone is registered in a given person’s name. If a person just buys a cell phone and uses cards to buy minutes, you won’t get the information you were looking for because it is designed to be anonymous.

If you are being harassed or are being stalked and have the cell phone number of the person, don’t go through a reverse cell phone numbers site and waste your money. Go instead to the police and have them go through the process of finding out who owns that cell phone. They have access to more databases than you do and can find the person’s identity unless, of course, they have an anonymous cell phone that they are using cards to get minutes with. In such cases, the police are out of luck, too, but can triangulate the location of phone when it is in use.

Reverse cell phone numbers sites can come in handy when you’ve gotten a person’s cell phone number at a club or bar and don’t remember the name attached to the cell phone. Just look them up at a reverse cell phone numbers site and you have their name. You won’t be embarrassed to call the number of someone you liked and admit you didn’t remember their name.  Use the site first and you come out looking great.

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