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Reverse Phone Number Directory

Using a Reverse Phone Number DirectoryWhen you have a number, either on your caller ID or given to you by someone whose name you do not remember, there are ways to use a reverse phone number directory in order to get the name and address of the person holding the number. In some cases, such as on the internet, you can use a reverse phone number directory to get the name, address and a map in order to find the person’s home. You can get a reverse phone number directory for white pages, yellow pages and for toll free numbers, in case you need the reverse phone number directory for finding out the name and location of a business.

If you have access to a reverse phone number directory from the phone company, it will usually be in book form. You look up the number in numerical order and they give you the name and address of the holder of that phone number. You can get a reverse phone number directory at the local library or the local phone company. They don’t work, however if you have the phone number of someone who doesn’t live in the area. In such cases, you need to use the internet.

The internet gives nationwide phone numbers in a reverse phone number directory that is free if all you are looking for is the name and address attached to a landline. The internet company has gathered databases from all over the country and has landline numbers from a variety of phone companies. You only need to punch in the number and the name and address comes up.  You can call the person or visit the person, knowing you finally remember their name.

A reverse phone number directory can help you if you are getting stalked or harassed by another individual who has a landline number. If they are using *67 to call you, however, this will not be possible unless you have the help of the police, who can find the person for you.

But what if the number they give you is a cell phone number? They don’t make books that are reverse phone number directories for cell phones. You can, however, use the internet and link up with one of the sites that have databases from the cell phone companies and the phone companies. You can then punch in a number and get the cell phone owner and their address. In some cases the site also allows you to do a criminal background check on the person as part of a package that you pay for.

You pay for the reverse phone number directory usually by subscription only and they ask you to subscribe for six months or a year but that gives you complete access to their services for that period of time. There are a few that will give you a reverse cell phone directory and will just charge you to do it one time only. It depends on what your needs are at any given period of time.

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