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Reverse Telephone Number Lookup

Performing a Reverse Telephone Number LookupSometimes you get the phone number on your caller ID or a person gives you their number and you need to perform a reverse telephone number lookup in order to find out whose name belongs to the number you have. If you got a landline number, the process is very simple. All you need to do is go to the Phone Company or local library and get a reverse telephone number lookup book. The book has listings of phone numbers in numerical order and you look up the number and find the name and address of the person who owns that number.

You can make it easy and do it on the internet.  There are sites that are free on the internet that are provided by phone companies so that you can punch in the phone number and get back the name, address and a map to the person’s location. And it’s all free to perform this reverse telephone number lookup. You can look up as many numbers as you like and get the answer back as long as the person doesn’t have an unlisted number.

Reverse telephone number lookup for cell phones is a lot more difficult. You don’t have access to any reverse telephone number lookup books to look through and the process isn’t free. If you’re willing to pay money for the service, you can find the owner of a cell phone number by using a reverse telephone number lookup site on the internet. There are sites on the internet that say they are free but, contrary to their name, they ask you to pay about $10 for a single reverse telephone number lookup event or $30 to be able to look up as many phone numbers as you like for a year. This might be good if you get a lot of cell phone numbers or are in law enforcement, where you would be tracing cell phone numbers to their owners more often than once.

Such reverse telephone number lookup sites often give you more than just the name, address and map. Some of them allow you to do a criminal background check on the individual in question and other information, such as their age and date of birth, are provided to you. These sites tend to cost more money than the simpler sites and you almost always have the option of a year-long subscription. Again, this is a good site to belong to if you are in law enforcement or are a private investigator.

Reverse telephone number lookup processes need to be done if an individual is being stalked or harassed by another person and they have the number but not the name of the person who is breaking the law. The police have access to databases on the computer that will tell if it’s a cell phone number or a landline, who owns the cell phone number or landline and the address of that person. More information can be found out if the police so desire and they can arrest the person for the crime of stalking or harassment. The only time this cannot be done is if the person is using a non-contract cell phone that is completely anonymous.

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