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Telephone Directory by Phone Number

Are you looking for a Telephone Directory by Phone Number?Usually, you have the name of the person and are looking for their telephone number but what if you got the number, say off your caller ID or given to you by a person at a club or bar, and you want to know who they are?  You need a telephone directory by phone number in those cases.  There are three major places to get this information.  You can get a telephone directory by phone number from the local library and look up the number; you can get a telephone directory by phone number from the phone company; and you can use the Internet.

The advantage of using a telephone directory by phone number from the Internet is that you aren’t confined to your local area. The phone book only has the numbers in your calling area.  The internet has a telephone directory by phone number that involves the entire US and sometimes Canada or Mexico. You can feasibly look up any number in the world if you find the right site.  When you take a look at a site that has a telephone directory by phone number, you need to find out if you have a landline or a cell phone line because the site you go to is different. The sites to find land line phones are usually free and you can punch in the number and get back the name, address and possibly a map to get to the listed address.  You can look up as many numbers on the telephone directory by phone number for land lines without having to incur a fee from the telephone company.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a telephone directory by phone number and the number is a cell phone, there are special sites just for that.  No site is really free and most ask you to pay about $10 to look up one number or about $30-$40 for a one year subscription so you can look up as many cell phone numbers as you like.  The problem is that it doesn’t come up that often that you need to use a telephone directory by phone number, whether or not the number is a land line number or a cell phone number. It may not really pay to do a yearlong subscription, unless you happen to be in law enforcement or are a private investigator.

And, speaking of private investigating, there are sites on the internet where you can punch in a cell phone number and get a birth date, name, address and criminal background history on the person. This usually costs a fair amount of money but is worth it if you are investigating someone and want to know everything you can about that person.

The only times you can’t get person’s name from a cell phone number is if they have a really obscure cell phone company or if they have a no-contract phone in which they buy the phone and number but just use cards to buy minutes for the phone. Then the person is totally anonymous.

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