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Whose Number is This?

When you want to know Whose Number is This?It happens all the time: you find a number on your telephone memory and you don’t recognize it.  You wonder whose number is this. But the phone doesn’t have it on there.  How do you find out whose number is this? If the number happens to be a landline, then you’re in luck. You can go to the public library and look up the number in a reverse lookup phone book that your local phone company puts out. You can find out whose number is this along with the address of the individual. You can go online at sites on the internet that give the name, address and map to the location of the individual, answering more than just whose number is this.

You can get a landline number for free, regardless of where you go and get it and the computer service extends beyond your calling area so it tends to be preferable to the actual phone book method. You can get the map as well off the computer so if you plan to visit the person, you can really figure out where they live.

If you want to know whose number is this but the number is a cell phone number, it can be more difficult to locate. There are no free services on the internet or otherwise that will give you the number without having to pay a fee. Generally, the internet sites for cell phones will allow you to enter the number and give you the general locale of the place but you have to pay about $10 to get the name and address of the person. Alternatively, you can buy a year’s subscription for about $30-$40 so you can look up as many cell phone numbers and find out whose number is this numerous times over the course of a year.

There are some sites that will give you more information than whose number is this. The site is linked with other sites that will give you a background check on the person or even a criminal background check. These sites cost more but give you a lot of information on the individual from just listing their number.

Sometimes the question, whose number is this is more sinister in nature. An individual could be stalking you or harassing you, leaving behind their number on your caller ID. Such cases are criminal cases and you can call the police with your complaint and they will use their resources to find the person and prosecute them. The only time this might not be possible is if the person dials *67 before calling you. You can’t dial *69 to call them back and you can’t find their number listed on your telephone’s memory.

Finding out whose number is this can be easy or difficult.  A landline number is the easiest way to determine who the person is and where they live. A cell phone is a bit more difficult and will cost you money. No-contract cell phones are virtually impossible to trace without police involvement.

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